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Comfortable and efficient classroom furniture to achieve the best learning results

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Introducing our revolutionary educational furniture designed to enhance student comfort and well-being – the HDS Human Body Streamlined Classroom Desks and Student Chairs. Our products focus on the principles of human physiology and have sturdy and durable structures, effectively protecting students’ health and preventing bone deformation and muscle soreness.

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Designed specifically for schools and training institutions, our classroom tables and chairs are the perfect solution for creating the best learning environment.

The HDS Human Body Streamlined Classroom Desk features a sleek and ergonomic design that promotes correct posture and reduces stress on students' backs. The surface of the table is spacious enough to accommodate books, notebooks and other study materials while also providing ample leg room for maximum comfort. The table's sturdy construction guarantees its durability, ensuring it can withstand heavy use for years to come.

Our student chairs also pay attention to details and incorporate HDS human body streamlined design. With their contoured seats and supportive backrests, these chairs provide optimal comfort and prevent muscle soreness even during long periods of sitting. The height of the chairs is adjustable to accommodate students of different ages and sizes, ensuring everyone can find their ideal seat.

Classroom desks and student chairs are made of high-quality materials to ensure their longevity and resistance to wear and tear. This makes them ideal for use in educational environments where durability is critical.

Our educational furniture is not only practical, but also beautiful. It features a modern, clean design that blends seamlessly into any classroom environment, enhancing the overall ambience and creating a more engaging learning environment.

Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning104

Investing in our HDS Human Body Streamline desks, student chairs and other educational furniture is a step towards ensuring the well-being of your students. By providing them with comfortable, ergonomically designed furniture, you can promote their physical well-being and create an environment conducive to learning and growth.


Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning201

Ergonomic design
Food contact grade PP environmentally friendly material
Customizable colors

Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning202

The product is made of food-contact grade PP plastic, with an ergonomic curved seat cushion. The backrest design can be adjusted manually up and down. It is equipped with PU antibacterial-neck headrest and anti-slip foot pads.

Six major features of the product:
Ergonomic seat cushion and backrest:
Healthy material selection PP, ABS:
Adjustable lift
Anti-slip foot pad
Breathable and cooling:
Waterproof and easy to clean

Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning203

Six major features of the product:
Ergonomic seat cushion and backrest.
Healthy material selection PP, ABS.
Adjustable lift.
Anti-slip foot pad.
Breathable and cooling.
Waterproof and easy to clean.

Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning204

More Details

Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning205

Desktop introduction

1. The tabletop material is a new ABS material, which is stronger and more durable.
2. The desktop size is 630X450MM, and the thickest part reaches 36MM
3. The front end of the desk has an anti-falling convex strip that is higher than conventional desks and chairs on the market, and also has a 351X31MM deep concave pen slot, which can better prevent students from slipping when using it and better ensure the order of class.
4. There are fixed buckles on both sides of the bottom of the desktop board, which can better improve the load-bearing capacity and safety of the book bucket.

Introduction to the Book Bucket

1. The book bucket is made of brand new PP material, which does not require secondary renovation and is more durable.
2. The appearance of the book bucket has 6 strips on the front and multiple reinforcing ribs on both sides. Coupled with the fixed buckle design at the bottom of the desktop, it can greatly increase the load-bearing capacity of the book bucket.
3. The inner diameter of the book bucket is 468X348X122MM (+/-2MM), which is plenty of space. There is also a pen slot at the entrance, which is carefully designed and practical.

Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning211
Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning209

Table and Chair Frame Introduction

1. The plastic parts connecting the upper end of the table frame and the desktop are 347X45X180 (+/-2MM). Its design can make the overall visual effect stronger and make the sturdy product stronger and stronger.
2. The table and chair frame is made of an outer circular pipe sleeve with a diameter of 35MM, an inner circular pipe sleeve with a diameter of 30MM, and the cross beam is a circular pipe with a diameter of 30MM. The thickness of all pipes reaches 1.5MM.
3. The adjustable height range of tables and chairs is 660-750MM (+/-5MM), and each grid is 30MM. The adjustable height range of the chair is 400-440MM (+/-5MM), and each grid is 20MM.
4. The surface has been pickled, degreased and phosphated to make it corrosion-resistant and rust-proof. The surface is made of first-grade granular powder, which is baked with high-temperature powder paint. It has strong adhesion and will not peel off the paint. The coating has no leakage, no rust, is smooth and even, and has the same color.

Introduction to Chair Back

1. The seat back of the chair is made of a new PP material that is die-cast in one piece. There are 11 reinforcing ribs at the rear and lower end, and the thickness at both ends of the connection is up to 19MM (+/-2MM). This design has greater strength and toughness. Stronger, it can better achieve the weight-bearing effect.
2. The seat back design of the chair can not only completely wrap your back, but also support your waist. It is super comfortable and has a strong sense of design. It gets rid of the traditional desks and chairs that feel too hard and uncomfortable to sit on. Disadvantages of fit.
3. There is a lifting ring on the upper end of the chair back, which makes it easy to move the chair. There are 24 vents at the lower end of the handle to keep it ventilated and dry during use.
4. The surface of the table and chair frame material is treated with pickling, degreasing, and phosphating to prevent internal corrosion and rust. And the surface is made of first-grade granular powder, which is baked with high-temperature powder paint and will not peel off. And it has completely passed the 10-level salt spray test, and relevant test reports can be provided.

Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning203
Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning206

Functional Features of Plastic Lifting Cover

The lifting sleeves of the inner and outer tubes of the table and chair frames are made of brand-new PP plastic, and no secondary renovation materials are used. The design is novel and beautiful.

Foot Pad Introduction

1. Made of new PP plastic, and no secondary refurbished materials are used.
2. Its elongated design can effectively increase the force-bearing area, making it more stable and safer for students to use.

Ergonomic Solutions for Comfortable Learning212

Parameter Size

Brand Name SPRING
Color Customer-specified
Material PP+steel
Package 5-layer corrugated paper carton box
Departure port Guangzhou/ Shenzhen
Sample Within 48 hours
certificates ISO9001, ISO45001

Quality Assurance

Application Scenario

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Application Scenario01
Application Scenario02
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